Wycombe Wanderers 1982


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Tantive IV – Lego

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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Mos Eisley – Lego

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My brick

Now tell me you don’t see Michael Jackson’s face in this brick.


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Lauren Laverne’s Biorhythms

Listen to a man crap himself live on air…


On Tues 10th July 2012 I was on BBC6 music telling Lauren Laverne my 3 choices for songs that soundtrack my biorhythms.  I have copied the section off BBC iplayer (link at top).  A tweet got me selected the week previous – the reasons for my choices were emailled and are written below.

Justice – ‘The Party’ for my dance track.  I’m not particularly into any forms of dance music, but this track has a real start-of-night-out theme to it.  As a youth we’d all see the over-confident pretty girls cruising past the queues to enter the over-priced over-rated dance venues.  These over-made-up potential models live a life that’s at a tangent to everyone else’s with values that are alien to normal people.  They are horrible yet you have to admire their way of handling the world around them.  And it’s got a good vibe.

Girls – My Ma for emotional, the lead singer used to live in a religious cult apparently.  He had the opportunity to get away and he did so.  His mother also had the opportunity to leave, but she stayed behind with the cult.  There aren’t a lot of lyrics to the song, but knowing his back story makes this track very emotional.

Regina Spektor – ‘Us’ for intellectual, I could have chosen Regina for all the categories.  Saw her at the Albert Hall yesterday and she just blew me away – such a voice and what stories she writes.  As with much of her work this track can be read in many ways, is she talking about the US or Russia or just in general.  We have old leaders who are celebrated with monuments who gradually get forgotten then blamed for all manner of modern day problems, but the current leaders are no better and they steal in the same way that the villains from the past did.  I’m not particularly intellectual, but Regina has a way of making us regularly review and find new things in everything she writes.



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Regina Spektor at Royal Albert Hall July 2 2012

Just having a play at blogging from my phone. Here’s the playlist from last night’s show. Hotel song and Samson are missing from the end. I only had my phone camera but have a blurry picture of Regina too. Great performance.




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